We want to limit the environmental burden of your dental care where possible and are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

More trees!

Ireland needs more trees. We offer all patients the option to plant a tree through our planting partners as part of their treatment plans. From 2022 we will contribute 50% of the costs of  this will become an opt-out rather than an opt-in.

Lower emissions

Approximately 64% of carbon emissions from dentistry relate to patient and staff travel. We encourage patients to attend on foot or by bike and can offer secure bicycle parking. We are located 20m from the main bus stop and schedules can be located here

Appointment times

We aim to complete your treatment in as few visits as possible, using longer appointments where necessary. We will base your recall frequency on the best available international evidence and on your risk assessment. For the majority of our patients, that means an annual hygiene visit with a dental examination every 2 years.

Less waste

We recycle as much as possible. We opt for biodegradable compostable materials where possible without impacting patient safety. Our waste water is filtered and we minimise use of biocidal agents.

Mercury free

We love having the river Suir so close and recognise the need to protect our waterways. Our practice has been mercury-free since 2016. We do remove old metal fillings and our chairs are fitted with the highest standard mercury amalgam separators. We use licensed waste collectors.