Dental implants

We use the highest standards Biomet Zimmer 3i and Straumann implants to replace missing teeth.

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Why Dental Implants?

Our patients want to have healthy functional teeth for their whole lives. Previously, tooth loss was sometimes seen as an accepted part of the ageing process. Our patients are far less likely to lose teeth now and when it happens they want the best possible replacement. Dental implants give you the confidence to smile, speak and eat in a similar manner to natural teeth.

What Are The Benefits?

A Dental Implant is a small “anchor” made of titanium that is used to replace missing or ailing teeth that have been extracted. They are surgically implanted into the jawbone to function like the root of your missing tooth. Dental Implants are designed to maintain your surrounding bone and gums, and will replace your missing tooth with a natural-looking long lasting solution. Implant dentistry is the most advanced and clinically successful therapy available to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Choosing dental implant as a treatment option can offer you a number of significant advantages.

Maintain Anatomy:

If you have missing teeth, the bone begins to shrink over time. Unhealthy bone loss can make your jaw line recede and change your facial structure. Dental implants can help prevent deterioration of the jawbone so your face retains its natural shape

Keep Your Healthy Teeth:

A better long-term alternative to bridgework, dental implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy teeth when replacing one or more adjacent teeth. Your own natural healthy teeth are not compromised


Teeth secured to anchored dental implants do not slip or move. This eliminates some of the key problems of dentures, including poor fit, gum irritation and pain from exposed nerves. The result is superior comfort, reliability and freedom from embarrassment.

Quality of Life:

The natural look and feel of implant restorations empowers you to preserve or improve your level of self confidence. Dental implant stability allows you to enjoy the foods you love and removes the need for messy adhesives or inconvenient cleaning protocols

How do Dental Implants work?

Dental Implants are made of high-quality titanium (similar to hip implants) that integrate with your natural bone to replace the missing root of a tooth. A crown is then attached to replace the lost tooth. We use the highest quality implants from Zimmer Biomet and Straumann.

What is involved in the Implant Procedure?

The Dental Implant process involves a number of visits that take place over a few months. Typically, this includes –

  • A pre-treatment consultation with our treatment coordinator to discuss your options. BOOK YOUR FIRST FREE VISIT NOW.
  • Clinical consultation with Ryan to evaluate your medical and dental history and to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. This may involve x-rays or dental scans taken to assess your bone levels and to carefully plan your Dental Implant
  •  Initial Implant placement. Using local anaesthetic the implant is placed underneath the gum. Over several weeks the bone will heal onto the surface of the implant, anchoring it into position.
  • Implant Prosthetic attachment. An artificial tooth usually made of highly polished natural looking porcelain is attached onto the top of the implant to replace your tooth.
  • Maintenance is vital to ensure healthy gum and bone levels over time. Our hygienist will ensure you know how to maintain the Dental Implant.